Saginaw Volunteer Fire Department


Saginaw Volunteer Fire Department has been servicing the Saginaw community since 1983.

Our purpose is to further the common good and general welfare of the people of the Saginaw Community and the coverage area as described in Shelby 911 current maps and to:

  1. Actively engage in fire fighting and render assistance in similar disasters.
  2. Purchase, or acquire by gift or otherwise, trucks, equipement, first aid supplies, and any and all other property needed in the performance of missions; and own and hold in fee or by lease or otherwise sufficient and suitable real estate and buildings necessary for headquarters and for storage of equipment and supplies and supported by the people and the public generally, and for educational purposes.
  3. Render aid to persons in distress, administer first aid Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and perform missions incident to the rescue of human beings who are in distress.
  4. Enter into contractual relationships with surrounding fire services to provide response into the coverage area through mutual aid, automatic mutual aid, and automatic mutual aid for contract services.